Sober Living in Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Sober Living in Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Sober Living in Woonsocket, Rhode Island 

“Structured Sober Living” is a term used to describe a sober house with a set structure for guests often including a curfew, drug and alcohol screening, a structured weekly House Meeting, requirements for guests to attend outside meetings, and other recovery support services. All Vanderburgh Sober Living homes are structured sober living communities. Vanderburgh Sober Living homes have live-in House Mentors who act as leadership figures inside the home to assist and support guests.  

Sober House Certification in Rhode Island 

Ocean State Coalition of Recovery Houses (OSCRH) grants certification for sober living environments in Rhode Island. The OSCRH is an affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR), and OSCRH-certified sober homes in Rhode Island must adhere to NARR requirements.  

The Ocean State Coalition of Recovery Houses inspects and certifies Rhode Island sober living homes, provides training to sober house operators, and maintains a forum for exchanging ideas, solving problems, providing guidance, and acting as an advocate for sober house operators well as sober living residents. 

Addiction Recovery Resources in Woonsocket, Rhode Island 

Woonsocket is supportive and encouraging with its addiction recovery community. Woonsocket’s care providers are educated and empathetic toward recovering addicts. There are several convenient fellowship meetings in Woonsocket, including AA and NA, Al-Anon, and others. We encourage you to Find AA meetings in Woonsocket, Rhode Island to help you on your road to recovery. 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 AA in Woonsocket 

There are several Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Woonsocket. We encourage you to visit AA’s Rhode Island AA Meetings directory Rhode Island AA Meetings for an up-to-date list of meeting locations, times, and additional details. 

Going to an AA meeting is simple. You can find where and when there is a meeting convenient for you and you just show up. That’s it. There’s no signing in, no money to pay, and no appointment to make! 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 NA in Woonsocket 

An NA meeting is a gathering of individuals who have struggled with addiction to narcotics and come together to support each other on their journey to recovery. In these meetings, participants share their experiences, strengths, and hopes in a safe and non-judgmental environment.  

NA meetings serve as a lifeline for those seeking to break free from the cycle of addiction, providing a space where individuals can heal, grow, and build a supportive network of peers who understand their struggles. Please visit Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Woonsocket, Rhode Island for more information about an NA meeting in this area.   

🏥 Recovery Services in Rhode Island 

Woonsocket has a plethora of recovery resources to offer for an individual recovering from an addiction. These range from rehab centers to detox centers, and even online educational sources. Click here to access more Recovery Resources in Woonsocket, Rhode Island 

⛪ Community Support in Rhode Island 

Community support for Addiction Recovery takes various forms, including support groups like AA and NA, which offer meetings for sharing experiences and learning from others. Non-12-step programs like SMART Recovery provide alternative strategies. Online communities provide virtual connections, while peer support programs offer guidance from individuals with lived experiences. Treatment centers and community organizations integrate support through therapy, activities, and resources.  

These forms of support empower individuals, fostering solidarity and enabling them to rebuild their lives and maintain sobriety. Click here to access this county’s Department of Community Resources. 

⛪ Recreational Activities in Woonsocket, Rhode Island 

Engaging in recreational activities during addiction recovery is crucial for various reasons. These activities provide a healthy outlet, filling the void left by substance abuse and reducing the risk of relapse. They also serve as a means of stress relief and emotional regulation, offering individuals a constructive way to manage the challenges of recovery. If you are struggling with the stress of being in recovery, consider visiting a local park or going to an arts center. You can also view more activities to do in Woonsocket, Rhode Island by clicking here 

Participating in recreational pursuits fosters social interaction and the development of supportive relationships while promoting personal growth, self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment. By incorporating enjoyable activities into their lives, individuals in recovery can enhance their overall well-being, reinforce their sobriety, and build a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. 

🏠 Vanderburgh Sober Living in Rhode Island 

Vanderburgh Sober Living is proud to offer structured sober living to the community in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Our homes are led by NARR 3.0 standards and offer comfortable accommodation to guests. If interested in living at one of our homes, please visit the apply page to submit an application.  


Hamlet Sober House in Woonsocket, RI.

Hamlet Sober House | Sober Living for Men in Woonsocket, Rhode Island 

The Hamlet Sober House is a men’s sober living home operated by VSL, who will run this new sober living home in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. 

The sober living home offers free internet, television, laundry services, and a quiet environment that feels just like home. The community is currently growing, led by supportive peers and house management. The recovery residence is tailor-made in the recovery process with the goal of driving individuals to live fully sober, independent lives. 

🏠 Nearby Sober Living in Rhode Island  



🏡 Kayaly Commonwealth Sober House for Women in Warwick, Rhode Island 

Kayaly Commonwealth Sober House serves sober living guests throughout Rhode Island! This unique sober living women’s home has two private areas, each with living space and a kitchen, as well as large and private bedrooms throughout the home. The accommodation provides a quiet recovery-focused environment.  


Photo of New Hope Community Sober House.

🏡 New Hope Community Sober House for Men in North Providence, Rhode Island 

New Hope Community Sober House is a sober living residence that is designed to support women in early recovery from addiction to help them reach independence. New Hope Community Sober House provides a safe and structured living space for individuals who have completed a primary treatment program or are transitioning from an inpatient facility. New Hope Community Sober House typically has a set of rules and guidelines that promote sobriety, accountability, and personal growth.  

🏠 Oxford House in Woonsocket, Rhode Island 

There are several Oxford House model sober living homes throughout Woonsocket. Vanderburgh Sober Living serves our guests in a structured sober living model. Oxford House operates differently, relying solely on peer support, typically with less structure, and typically serving guests who are looking for a sober living environment without the oversight and structure in place as compared to certified sober living homes. 

For a directory of Oxford House locations in Rhode Island, please visit the Sober House Directory.