Guest Applications

We welcome new guests who are committed to living a life of continued sobriety. Applicants must be over 18 years old and 30-days sober.

Applications are accepted on our website, as well as faxed, e-mailed, or over the phone. We carefully screen each applicant and conduct a telephone screen prior to approval to ensure a good fit in our homes.

Acceptance Criteria

– Must be in recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol

– Must be 18 years of age or older at time of application

– Must have a minimum of 14-30 days since last use

– Must be able to meet payment requirements

– Must be medically, physically, and mentally stable

– Must not have a prior conviction for arson or sexual crime

Application Process

Step 1: Apply Now

Apply online at the link below, or print a paper application and fax or email to our office. All applications are subject to approval, and providing false information on an application is grounds for terminating your residency.

Step 2: Phone Screen

Usually, we can call you to conduct a phone screen within a few hours of receiving your application. Phone screens take around 20 minutes. A decision on your application will be made during the phone screen, in most cases.

Step 3: Schedule Move-in

Approved applicants can move in as soon as there is a bed available. We can often accommodate your move-in day within 24-hours of your application.

Step 4: Move-In Day

Your last step is to move in! Our staff and your new House Mentor will work with you to coordinate the day and time. At your orientation, you must pass a urine drug screen and the House Mentor will thoroughly search your belongings.

Apply Online

Secure online application

Over the Phone

It’s easy to call, too

(844) 762-3747

Download and Fax

Download the application

(508) 901-4615

Referral Partners

Most of our guests are referred by other organizations in the continuum of care. We have strong relationships with clinical facilities, correctional facilities, and community organizations.

Straightforward Applications

We offer a streamlined application process by accepting applications online and offering same-day approval in most cases. We understand the anxiety your clients face in a transition, as well as the challenges our referral partners face on a daily basis.

Care Collaboration

We collaborate with clinical care providers. We refer guests to our local care providers when they need a higher level of care, and work to maintain strong referral relationships with clinicians, case workers, court officers, and others in the field.

Reliable Communication

Our referral partners appreciate our prompt and transparent communication. Whether an update of our available beds or an update on a guest ho came from your program, we promise to communicate with you and try to make your work and our guests lives easier.