Response to Concerns about Sober Living Home in Marblehead, MA

Response to Concerns about Sober Living Home in Marblehead, MA

In early March, Vanderburgh House opened our latest sober home, the Humphrey Sober House, in Marblehead, MA. Located in a residential neighborhood, near a bus stop, and just minutes away from Downtown, our sober home has garnered a lot of attention from the surrounding community and local news stations. 

On April 3, our Executive Director, Hunter Foote, and the operator of the sober home held a Q&A with the Marblehead community to address their concerns about the opening of our sober home. The event was attended by about 70 members of the community who were concerned about the sober home being in their neighborhood. The next day, NBCBoston picked up the story and interviewed some members of the local community, as well as us, for an interview. They aired the story on the news at 4 PM the same evening.

You can check out the NBCBoston story and article here:

We appreciate the support and positive feedback we’ve received from the community and social media. Our mission is to create supportive and structured sober living communities that empower guests on their path to recovery. We’re excited to provide this support to the Marblehead community and beyond.

We’re committed to keeping the community of Marblehead informed about our work, and we plan to hold a similar public forum in three months to address any continuing concerns and share updates about our sober home.

If you want to learn more about our mission and the work we do, you can check out our website,