Sober Living in Southbridge, Massachusetts: a Story of Success

Sober Living in Southbridge, Massachusetts: a Story of Success

A Story from the Operator of our Chamberlain-Boreau Sober House in Southbridge, Massachusetts

February 19th 2021, is the date I started and opened Chamberlain-Bordeau Sober House in Southbridge, MA.  I signed on as an independent owner / operator with Vanderburgh House, an organization operating sober living communities with independent operators in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and Connecticut (so far!). My 20 + year corporate career of business development, sales and marketing coupled with decades in and around recovery, made my decision to own a sober home, easy. I think my total due diligence process was less than 10 days up to a signed agreement. The following day I was in business. That same day my first resident moved in, Derrick.

Within a couple of weeks, we had 4 men, 3 women, and a House Manager, all from different beginnings, but here, we are together, with a common goal, to live a sober life. This house, a sober home, is the place I am building, providing and planning to give all residents, my people, the support, strength, and programs to learn and discover a life of sobriety, in return they have given myself and the others spirit and serenity.

Purpose. For me, that is the name of the game of life. It comes in many forms, for the success of this sober house, I have broken it in a 3-part structure.  Recovery/Spirituality.  Job/Career.  Community/Care.  These 3 things are the foundation and growth opportunities all residents will have exposure to. A discovery and learning process if an effort to a life of joy.  We welcome you to join us.

    • Melissa Vail, Operator of the Chamberlain-Bordeau Sober House in Southbridge, Massachusetts.