Don’t Just Recover in a Sober House — Learn to Thrive!

Don’t Just Recover in a Sober House — Learn to Thrive!

There’s more to recovery than simple abstinence in a sober living situation. You need a new mentality, a boost in energy, and a sense of empowerment to really move forward and find the fulfilling life that you deserve. You can get there through an emphasis on self-care in your daily routine. It may sound too easy, but some small changes can lead to big transformations mentally and physically. Vanderburgh House shows you how to get started through sober living.


Go Outside

Nature is the best medicine. Studies have shown repeatedly how being among the trees, mountains, and streams rejuvenates the mind by relieving stress and anxiety. According to Psychiatry Advisor, the benefits even extend to building self-esteem and increased capacity to engage socially.

The best part is that it’s all free. All you need is a pair of hiking boots or sturdy sneakers to take advantage of what the outdoors has to offer. You can begin your quest at the park by taking in the local flora and fauna, not to mention the sunshine and fresh air. Take a moment to — literally — smell the flowers and feel the wind in your hair.


Slice and Dice

Eating your greens is a good start, but you might want to put down that bag of frozen peas and take a trip to the local farmers’ market to see what they’re offering. Fresh fruits and veggies will add much-needed vitamins and minerals to your diet, and you’ll gain a greater connection to your local community while feeding your visual sense with a rich tapestry of colors.

The only way to eat well is to cook well, of course, and there’s no reason this has to be a chore. In fact, it’s another source of positive energy and rejuvenation. Just ask the experts at The Kitchn, who discuss how the culinary arts are used as a form of therapy to relieve symptoms of   depression, anxiety, and other issues that affect those in recovery.


Get Physical

First off, there’s the endorphin rush. This refers to the release of “feel good” chemicals in the brain that leads to a mildly euphoric state that’s not at all dissimilar to the feeling brought on through drugs and alcohol. Over the long term, the mind is rewired to seek out this high, creating a built-in emotional reinforcement to move your body. Any physical activity while you are in sober living will do the trick.

The outdoors is an excellent place to get started with an active routine. By running in the woods, cycling in the countryside, or swimming in the sea, you’ll be tapping into two healthy sources of pleasure at the same time — and the vibes couldn’t get any better.


Use Your Hands

Tapping into your creative side offers enormous potential for cathartic release, not to mention a sense of achievement as you master a song, complete a poem, or put the finishing touch on a painting. The healing powers of self-expression also include stress relief and improved brain function as it generates new neural pathways with each strum of the strings or stroke of the brush.

There’s no need to feel left out if you’re not artistically inclined. You can get the same benefits from crafts such as sewing, knitting, and quilting. You’ll find that the repetitive motion of your hands puts you in a meditative state that has a calming effect on your mood and helps you get to sleep faster — meaning a full night’s rest and more energy for what the next day brings.

On a side note, you’ll also have the chance to forge new friendships based on healthy mutual interests. Where will you meet them? Your support group meetings are the obvious venues, but also have a look at the activities above to give you a clue. This can come in handy as you let go of those relationships that may derail your recovery.


Chase a New High

Again, committing your time and effort to an exciting new undertaking is the best way to deal with a stressful situation. Concentrating on a project you’re passionate about can help you get your worries off your mind while you are in a sober house. For instance, this could be a good time to start that side hustle you’ve been thinking about or focus on turning a business idea into a sustainable company.

When you start a new business, you’ll have a lot of responsibilities on your plate, so it’s important to structure your company as an LLC early on to protect your assets and earn additional tax breaks. Once you’ve chosen a unique name for your business, you can work with an affordable online formation service to get your venture registered as an LLC in Mass.

Follow these tips, and you’ll discover a new kind of kick that will only make your life more rewarding and fulfilling. Better times are waiting for you, and it all starts with your recovery through sober living at Vanderburgh House. Apply to become a resident here.

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