Shaundrika Rutherford opens Sober Living Home in Gastonia, North Carolina

Shaundrika Rutherford opens Sober Living Home in Gastonia, North Carolina

Shaundrika is prepared to shine brightly and lead the road to recovery.

Introducing Shaundrika Rutherford

Beacon of Light Sober Living is a men’s sober living facility in Gastonia, North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. The Beacon of Light, the state’s first sober house, was established by Shaundrika Rutherford and her goal is to lead our community members from darkness to light. The NARR principles govern this organized NCARR pending-certified sober house for men, which is dedicated to the success of sober living inhabitants. 

Shaun joins the Vanderburgh House family with significant experience in human services and strengthening communities. She worked in the Mental Service field for nearly ten years. “I have seen firsthand the impact that untreated addictions can have on the family and our community. My passion comes from having loved ones who battle addiction. My goal is to create homes that would be suitable for them. Each home is designed with my loved ones in mind, creating an environment that is conducive to long-term recovery. I believe the God I serve has called me to be a Beacon of light in our community.” 

Residents of this sober living home in Greater Charlotte, North Carolina enjoy a peaceful and supportive environment in a beautifully renovated Victorian manor conveniently located in downtown Gastonia. This is a structured sober living home for men who are serious about their recovery and want to start a new life in a sober environment. 

About Vanderburgh House

Vanderburgh House was formed to create recovery-focused communities that are dedicated to each resident’s progress. Our sober living homes provide a disciplined and recovery-focused atmosphere, guided by caring House Managers who are committed to helping our clients rebuild their lives free of drugs and alcohol.

The majority of our houses are run by self-employed owners/Operators who collaborate with Vanderburgh House to provide sober living in their neighborhoods. As a member of our collaborative of sober living Operators, Vanderburgh Communities gives Charters to Operators who want to manage their own sober living homes in conjunction with us. If you’ve always wanted to create your own sober home, now’s your chance to do it! We urge you to join us for a meeting to learn more about this exciting chance to help your community.

We are delighted to be founding members of the national Sober House Directory, which will help you discover the right match and identify sober living homes in your area. If a Vanderburgh House home isn’t the perfect one, we invite you to explore this great resource to discover the ideal sober living home.

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