Zero Tolerance homes, Taunton, MA and Vanderburgh House Join Forces to Offer Safe, Structured Sober Living Homes

Zero Tolerance homes, Taunton, MA and Vanderburgh House Join Forces to Offer Safe, Structured Sober Living Homes

The three Zero Tolerance sober living homes in Taunton, MA, have partnered with Vanderburgh House to offer quality recovery services to men and women in Taunton and New Bedford, MA.

Zero Tolerance Sober Living Facilities


Zero Tolerance Home has partnered with Vanderburgh House, a sober living organization that offers structured sober houses where every resident is supported in their recovery journey. Vanderburgh House took over the operations of the sober house located at 21 Union Street, Taunton, MA, in October 2022.

Vanderburgh House will now run this location, and Zero Tolerance Home is sure that it will continue to grow and become one of the best places for recovery housing in Taunton and New Bedford.

“We’re excited to join the New Bedford recovery community!” Hunter Foote, Executive Director of Vanderburgh House, said “Two of our first homes we opened in 2016 were located in Springfield, Massachusetts, and now we are blessed to be able to call Taunton and New Bedford, Massachusetts, home as well! “It’s an honor to help support and encourage our residents, and we look forward to many fruitful years ahead.”

About Vanderburgh

Vanderburgh offers structured sober houses for men and women where every resident is supported in their recovery journeys. Residents live together as a family to develop the tools and strengthen their character needed to live free from substance abuse. Our homes allow for independence while being guided by a set of recovery-focused house rules, standards, and expectations. The core of our structure is abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Visit our website for more information on the New Bedford Sober living home for Men.

What does living in the home look like?

Residents are engaged in their personal recovery journeys by attending meetings and working with a sponsor and our house mentors, formerly house managers, for support and encouragement. Residents adhere to a curfew, submit to drug and alcohol screenings, and participate in home and community events. Rooms are typically shared by one or more peers, to truly foster community and accountability. The homes are convenient, comfortable, affordable, and supportive. Residents pay rent weekly or monthly, and health insurance is not accepted. They live according to the resident handbook and house rules.

If you have any questions, please call our Vanderburgh House office at 844-762-3747.

If you are looking for recovery-based housing that is safe, structured, and affordable, our New Bedford, MA, Zero Tolerance sober living house for men is the right place to start. Vanderburgh House’s recovery-focused houses are all taken care of by caring house mentors, formerly managers, whose main goal is to guide, help, and lead our clients to live lives without drugs or alcohol.

Vanderburgh Communities was founded to offer charters to sober living operators who want to work in our recovery-based homes. All of our sober living homes are run by self-employed, mindful, and recovery-driven operators that collaborate with our Vanderburgh homes around Taunton, MA, to provide sober living services. We recommend attending a meeting to learn more about how you can help your community.

Have you or a loved one been looking for a place to stay to help you start your road to recovery with little success? Use our Sober House Directory to help you find the best sober living house for you or a loved one. You no longer have to wait a long time to find a property that works for you, thanks to clear photographs and contact information.

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