Thinking of Trying Alternative Addiction Treatments? Read This First

Thinking of Trying Alternative Addiction Treatments? Read This First

Thinking of Trying Alternative Addiction Treatments? Read This First

Addiction recovery has become laden with choices, including alternative treatment options. If you’re looking to find supplemental treatment for substance abuse disorder, it can be tricky to know what will work for you. But with a little research and effort, you can develop a recovery plan that will put you back in control of your life. From using a fitness app to fuel your workouts to trying out acupuncture, here are a few useful tips from Vanderburgh House to keep in mind.


Research All of Your Options  

Knowledge is power when it comes to fighting addiction, so be sure to research the various alternative methods. For example, you may find that art therapy is a good option for you. Painting and drawing is a good way to relieve stress and may help complement your recovery efforts. Some alternative methods involve the use of supplements and other substances. Check in on the legality of these methods and whether there are any harmful side effects you should be aware of.


Keep Your Body Strong 

You need to be in control of your recovery efforts, and that means staying in control of your body. Diet and exercise are some of the most basic ways you can help yourself succeed while in recovery.

Foods with active cultures and probiotic supplements can keep your gut healthy, which can benefit your mood levels. Serotonin, the hormone that promotes happiness, is created by your microbes, and most of them live in the gut. Therefore, it’s important to focus on gut health when changing up your diet. If you find it hard to stay on track with your diet, meal prepping can help you always have healthy options on-hand.

Additionally, try finding exciting workouts, like kayaking or rock climbing, to keep from getting bored. You can also boost your workouts and stay on top of your health with a fitness app, which comes with a variety of features such as exercise videos and nutrition coaching. Using a fitness app can give you new ideas for workouts, whether you’re looking for new moves to strengthen your abs or you want to give calisthenics a try.


Make Mental Health a Big Focus For Your Recovery 

Addiction can often be the result of a deeper mental health issue. Substance abuse can be a reaction to stress or an unresolved past trauma, or a way to cope with anxiety and depression. For this reason, dedicated mental health therapy should be part of any treatment plan. You should work with a therapist to uncover any issues that may be causing your addiction. If you don’t get to the bottom of these mental health issues, you may be more likely to relapse and stray from your sober path. So make an effort to take care of your mental health during and after recovery.


Use Mindfulness Everyday  

Mindfulness practices, such as meditation, are some of the common forms of alternative addiction treatment. You can use mindfulness to help bring peace to your life and allow a better appreciation for the world around you. Try setting up a small meditation space in your home, to make practicing more convenient. If you’re having trouble getting started alone, you can use a meditation app to set you on the right path. Meditation is a great way to stay focused during recovery and stay less stressed in life.


Take Triggers Out of Your Life  

The aim of any treatment method should be to reduce the triggers in your life. Triggers can be anything from stress to boredom to a certain smell from the times when you were using. Alternative treatments like acupuncture and yoga can help you feel less stressed. These treatments may also help reduce chronic pain, another common trigger for addiction to alcohol and drugs. For more tangible triggers, such as a blanket you wrap yourself in while drinking or that detergent that scented your clothes while you were using, you’ll need to simply eliminate them from your life.


Know When You Need Extra Help 

Addiction recovery is an ongoing process. You have to be willing to adapt your approach and adjust your treatment to find what works for you. That could involve adding more alternative methods or eliminating them from your plan altogether. If you find yourself in need of extra help, reach out to Vanderburgh House. We are a community of sober homes that serve to help individuals stay on the path to recovery. Out of our network? Visit the Sober House Directory to find your fit across the United States.

Alternative treatment options may be the key to your recovery, or they could simply be treatments that don’t work for you. Either way, knowing your options is a good way to take back control over your health and happiness. So stay in control and stay sober on your path to addiction recovery.


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