Sober Living in New Britain, Connecticut

Sober Living in New Britain, Connecticut

Structured Sober Living in New Britain, Connecticut

“Structured Sober Living” is a term used to describe a sober house with a set structure for guests often including a curfew, drug and alcohol screening, a structured weekly House Meeting, requirements for guests to attend outside meetings, and other recovery support services. All Vanderburgh House homes are structured sober living communities.

Sober House Certification in Connecticut

Sober living homes in Connecticut are certified by CTARR, the Connecticut Alliance of Recovery Residences. The Connecticut Alliance for Sober Living is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to support recovery guests throughout Connecticut and to practice national quality standards for recovery residences. CTARR inspects and certifies Connecticut sober living homes, provides training to sober house operators, and maintains a forum for exchanging ideas, solving problems, providing guidance, and acting as an advocate for sober house operators as well as sober living guests.

The Sober House Directory provides information on sober house certification for each state in the database. Please visit the Connecticut Sober House Certification page for more information about sober house certification in this state.

Addiction Recovery Resources in New Britain, Connecticut

New Britain, located close to Harford, CT, is supportive and encouraging with its addiction recovery community. New Britain’s care providers are educated and empathetic towards recovering addicts. The opioid pandemic has had a devastating effect on the city, and each person and organization offering care and resources to those in recovery understands they must work together to win our war against drugs and alcohol and the damage they cause.

Read more about Addiction Recovery Resources in New Britain, CT.


🏘️ Vanderburgh House Sober Living in New Britain

Vanderburgh House is proud to offer structured sober living to the community in New Britain, CT. Our homes are led by NARR 3.0 standards and offer comfortable accommodations to guests.


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New Britain Sober House

Our New Britain Sober House is a home for men located in New Britain, Connecticut. Operated by Vanderburgh House, this structured men’s recovery residence is conveniently located in the town of New Britain, CT with all of the local amenities that this growing city has to offer. Guests enjoy large bedrooms and a comfortable setting focused on recovery and structured to ensure resident success.


🏘️ Nearby Sober Living in Connecticut

Vanderburgh House is proud to offer sober living elsewhere in Connecticut!


Vernon Sober House, Vanderburgh House Sober Living, Vernon, Connecticut, Addiction Recovery

Vernon Sober House

The Vernon Sober House serves sober living guests throughout Connecticut! This unique sober living home has two private areas, each with living space and a kitchen, as well as large and private bedrooms throughout the home. The accommodations provide a quiet recovery-focused environment in the up-and-coming Central Connecticut community of Vernon – just outside of Hartford, Connecticut.


🏠 Oxford House in New Britain, Connecticut

There are several Oxford House model sober living homes throughout Connecticut, including in New Britain. Vanderburgh House serves our guests in a structured sober living model. Oxford House operates differently, relying solely on peer support, typically with less structure, and typically serving guests who are looking for a sober living environment without the oversight and structure in place as compared to certified sober living homes.

For a directory of Oxford House locations in Connecticut, please visit the Sober House Directory.