Sober Living in Lowell, Massachusetts

Sober Living in Lowell, Massachusetts

Sober Living in Lowell, Massachusetts

Vanderburgh House is now open in Lowell, Massachusetts! We are proud to offer a men’s sober living home with structure and stability.

Structured Sober Living in Lowell, Massachusetts

Structured Sober Living is a term used to describe a sober house with a set structure for residents, typically including a curfew, meeting requirements, mandatory drug and alcohol screening, and other recovery support services and amenities. All Vanderburgh House homes are structured sober living environments. 

Sober House Certification in Massachusetts

Sober living homes in Massachusetts are certified by MASH, the Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing. The Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Living is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to support recovery guests throughout Massachusetts and to practice national quality standards for recovery residences. MASH inspects and certifies Massachusetts sober living homes, provides training to sober house operators, and maintains a forum for exchanging ideas, solving problems, providing guidance, and acting as an advocate for sober house operators as well as sober living guests.

Addiction Recovery Resources in Lowell, Massachusetts

Read our Addiction Recovery Resources in Lowell, MA page on recovery resources in the town of Lowell. This is a guide we have developed to organize local recovery resources, from clinical services to food and housing assistance. Please explore this list of addiction recovery resources and let us know how we can improve this resource!

Grace Space Lowell Sober House | Sober Living for Men in Lowell, MA

Opening soon! Grace Space Lowell Sober House is a certified men’s sober living home operated by Lashaun Woodliff, a Vanderburgh House Chartered Operator who will run this new sober living home in Lowell, Massachusetts. Lashaun also operates the Grace Space Greenfield Sober House in Greenfield, Massachusetts. 

Grace Space Lowell Sober House offers free internet, television, laundry services, and a quiet environment that feels just like home. The community is currently growing, led by supportive peers and house management. The recovery residence is tailor-made as a stepping stone in the recovery process with the goal of driving individuals to live fully sober, independent lives. 

Nearby Sober Living in Massachusetts 

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