Massachusetts - Manchester (North Shore) Sober Living is Now Co-Ed

Massachusetts - Manchester (North Shore) Sober Living is Now Co-Ed

MANCHESTER — On Old Wenham Way in Manchester, Sober by the Sea, a new sober living facility, has opened its doors to both male and female recovery clients.  

 Sober by the Sea sober living 

Sober by the Sea sober living house proprietor Mike Corsetti said, “We kept getting phone calls from mothers trying to place their daughters.” I started to feel guilty. There are not a lot of places for women. I was getting tired of making that call. It’s hard to explain to them that they’ll have to go to Dorchester (Boston Sober Homes). ” 

 According to the original plans, the new sober house was supposed to open in March. Due to the unique coronavirus pandemic, Corsetti said he switched to a “rolling opening” throughout the summer. Almost ten men now live in the sober house. Although Sober by the Sea can accommodate up to 30 recovering people, Corsetti prefers to keep the number of sober-living clients to a minimum.  

Sober by the Sea just hired a new sober house female house manager to help with the influx of new customers at the sober living home. This woman, whom Corsetti would not identify, had previously assisted with the group’s AA meetings, which were conducted every Sunday at 11 a.m.  

 “There are better meetings when there’s a mix (of men and women),” Corsetti added. “It changes the dynamic.” It feels more like a family than a fraternity. ” 

Before launching Sober by the Sea, Corsetti says he worked in building and development. This is his first excursion into assisting people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.  

“I’ve lost friends and family to addiction,” he said. “I feel excited about being able to help out. It feels really good. It’s all about creating a comfortable environment to learn the 12 steps (of Alcoholics Anonymous). ”  

Although no sober house women have yet entered the residence, Corsetti anticipates several doing so within the next two weeks, as recovery clients must first undergo a 30-day detox in a hospital.  

 Looking ahead, Corsetti aspires to form a sober living sports league on the North Shore. On the property, work on a new basketball court and outdoor space has already begun. The court is slated to debut in the spring of next year.  

“The big part we see is building a sober living community and having stuff for people to do on the weekend,” Corsetti said. “We don’t want to have much idle time.”  

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