How does Vanderburgh House screen its applicants?

How does Vanderburgh House screen its applicants?

How does Vanderburgh House screen its applicants?

Vanderburgh House’s mission is to help build recovery-focused communities for individuals in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. It is our top priority to make sure our homes offer a supportive environment for both our guests and the local community and neighborhoods. 

Our goal is to help guests maintain their sobriety and build a solid foundation for a healthy, independent life. We are committed to having a cautious screening process to ensure that applicants are a compatible match to live in our homes. The screening process includes a range of questions that are designed to assess an applicant’s suitability for a sober living community. The process begins with basic background questions screening for an applicant’s recovery status, sober date, and substance of choice.

Criminal Background

We will also ask if they have any criminal record and if they have ever been convicted of a felony offense. If an applicant has a criminal record, Vanderburgh House will ask for information about their convictions, including the type of offense and any relevant details. Applicants applying to our homes with a history of violent crime are considered to be case-to-case.  Additionally, we will screen if an applicant has ever been convicted of a sex offense or arson. These are serious offenses that are undeniably incompatible with Vanderburgh House’s mission of providing a supportive environment for individuals in recovery. These applicants are not accepted at our homes under any circumstances. 

Probation and Parole

If an applicant is on probation or parole, Vanderburgh House will ask for information about their probation and parole officer. We will also ask for the parole officer’s contact information including their name and phone number. We want to hold both the prospective guest and ourselves accountable and this helps us do so. By having this contact information, we can work with the probation or parole officer to ensure that the prospective guest meets the terms of their probation or parole.

Medical Background

Vanderburgh House also asks if an applicant has health insurance coverage. We do not accept health insurance for rent payments, but this is important information for us to know. Our next step is to determine if the applicant is currently prescribed any medication. If so, we like to get the medication’s name and additional background on their prescription.

An applicant’s treatment history is critical in the screening process. Vanderburgh House inquires whether an applicant is currently in a program. We will collect information ranging from the name of the program to contact information for their case worker to previous treatment programs they may have attended. 


Finally, Vanderburgh House asks how an applicant would pay for their rent as they must have a plan in place. A few examples of how applicants can pay off their rent is by using employment income, monetary help from family/friends, or any sources of financial assistance such as scholarships that they may be receiving. This information helps us to determine whether an applicant can afford the cost of sober living. 

Closing Thoughts

If you have any more specific questions about our acceptance criteria, click here for more information. Vanderburgh House is committed to providing a supportive environment for individuals in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. However, that does not mean we do not care about providing comfort and reassurance to the local communities where our sober homes reside. By meticulously screening applicants, we are to provide a supportive and effective sober living environment for our guests. If you are interested in applying, please click here.