Commonwealth Sober House | Sober Living for Women in Warwick, Rhode Island

403 Commonwealth Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA
Sober Living for Women

Opening soon! Commonwealth Sober House is a certified women’s sober living home operated by Kayaly Sober Living, a Vanderburgh House Chartered Operator in Warwick, Rhode Island. Near Providence, Kayaly Sober Living has a legacy of serving the local recovery community.

Founded nearly a decade ago, Kayaly Sober Living has served the sober living community throughout Rhode Island for ten years and is renowned for offering a quality recovery living environment for women in recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction. This newest addition to Kayaly’s women’s sober living in Warwick will be a shining star in the recovery community!

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Commonwealth Sober House | Sober Living for Women in Warwick, Rhode Island

The Commonwealth Sober House serves women in all stages of their recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. This home is the premier sober living location in Southern Rhode Island, serving women from across New England in their Warwick, Rhode Island campus. Guests enjoy a structured sober living environment committed to recovery and led by trained and present staff. The Commonwealth Sober House offers support services to women, and the home community is strong and supportive to all who wish to build a better life.

Rooms & Rates

Or Pay
Move-In Deposit
Private Room $220 $945 $200
Shared Room $180 $780
Single rooms are offered first to existing guests and are rarely available for new incoming guests.
All-inclusive sober living rent payments are due weekly or monthly and are not currently covered by insurance or subsidies. The deposit shown above is due when you move in. Please be prepared to meet your financial obligations.
Rent includes urine screen costs and all utilities.

Sober House Amenities

High speed wi-fi included for free in all sober living homes

Free parking for guests at the sober house

On-site laundry services are available in the sober home

Shared office with a modern computer workstation and printer

Free premium cable television with multiple TV areas in the home

Secure storage for personal items is available at no cost to resdents

Recovery Community

The recovery home community in the Commonwealth Home is strong and supportive of our dedicated group of women in recovery. With many years of service to the Warwick and Providence communities, this women’s sober house in Warwick offers a strong community led by a passionate team, including a dedicated sober living Operator and House Mentor. House leadership is trained in sober living best practices and is committed to offering true structured sober living. Guests in the sober house have chosen the Commonwealth Home because of our reputation for service, commitment, and dedication to sober living. We invite you to join our community and build a new life with sisters committed to recovery just like you!

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Operator Information - About Kayaly Recovery LLC, Sober Living for Women in Rhode Island

This sober house is operated by Kayaly Recovery, a provider of sober living throughout Rhode Island. Kayaly Recovery works with Vanderburgh House as an independent chartered Vanderburgh House sober living community. Many Vanderburgh House sober living homes are operated independently, while some are operated directly by the Vanderburgh House organization. For more information about obtaining a Vanderburgh House charter, or for information on forming a sober living community, please visit Vanderburgh Communities.

Sober Living for Women in Warwick, Rhode Island

Warwick, Rhode Island has a vibrant recovery community serving those in recovery of all ages and backgrounds, in addition to a strong sober living community. Rhode Island offers plenty of groups, especially A.A. groups, serving both men and women actively engaged in their recovery. Providence, Rhode Island is just to the north with all that a major city has to offer its guests, especially those in recovery. The State of Rhode Island’s communities are welcoming and supportive of sober living and the lifestyle of recovery. Vanderburgh House is proud to offer a recovery residence in service of the greater Rhode Island recovery community.

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