Groundbreaking Addiction Treatment: Aware Recovery Opens in Maine!

Groundbreaking Addiction Treatment: Aware Recovery Opens in Maine!

In Maine, Aware Recovery Care, an innovative and promising drug and alcohol addiction treatment program developed in collaboration with Yale University addiction specialists, has opened its doors. 

The program is one of a kind in the country. 

The research-backed premise that recovering in the “real world” leads to considerably better rehabilitation results is the foundation of Aware Recovery Care’s unique and revolutionary in-home addiction treatment and addiction recovery program. In reality, considerable research has proven that having medical treatment and monitoring support in the sober living patient’s home promotes speedier recovery, better results, and overall physical and psychological well-being. 


According to research conducted in New England, 87 percent of sober living people referred to detox units have previously been there; more than half have been there more than five times. 


[1] Long-term residential programs, where 75 percent of patients have been there numerous times, have similar data. According to recent research conducted by experts in addiction medicine, those who can abstain from alcohol and drugs for a full year have a significantly better chance of obtaining long-term recovery. 

 [2]In Maine, Aware Recovery Care is an Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in-network provider. 


Dr. Jeffrey Holmstrom, medical director of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine, said, “Our collaboration with Aware Recovery Care has been driven by a shared spirit of innovation to meet the challenges of the opioid crisis and expand the network of substance use disorder providers in the state,” “Anthem consumers will be eligible to receive in-network benefits under Aware’s addiction treatment programs as they expand in Maine. These programs provide new, evidence-based treatment options for our consumers, delivered in the home setting, where they are likely to be of the most benefit.” 


A psychiatrist leads each client’s multidisciplinary rehabilitation team, which includes an addiction nurse, a licensed marital and family therapist, an individual therapist, and two certified recovery advisors (CRA). These care teams are being dispatched in Augusta, Maine, and throughout the state of Maine south to the New Hampshire border to provide sophisticated addiction rehab services in the sober living home. 


The Maine Office of Aware Recovery Care is in South Portland. A broad spectrum of drug and alcohol addiction recovery therapies will be provided in the service zone. Visit or call 844.292.7372 for more information. 

Our sober house directory is a terrific location to start your search for a home, but it is ultimately up to you to determine which one is the greatest fit for you. Even while accreditation and a strong first impression are fantastic beginning points, you should conduct additional research before making a decision. You mustn’t be hesitant to inquire! While there are many good sober living homes to choose from, we recommend Vanderburgh House because they were involved in the creation of this guide. 


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1]The Gosnold Treatment Center a National Council member, reports that in its home state of Massachusetts, 87 percent of patients admitted to detox units have been there before. Of the 215,000 days patients spent annually in detox, half was accounted for by patients with five or more previous stays. 

[2]Kirshenbaum AP, Olsen D, Bickel W, A quantitative review of the ubiquitous relapse curve. J Substance Abuse Treatment. 2009;26:8-17