Freedom Drug Detox Center in Gastonia, North Carolina

Freedom Drug Detox Center in Gastonia, North Carolina

Drug detoxification treatments will be offered privately at a new facility that is planned to open soon in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Freedom Drug Detox Center, Gastonia, NC

Freedom Detox Center will be the name of the new treatment center for substance use disorders, and it will include around 30 nurses, doctors, and other professionals working together to aid patients throughout their stay.

With the help of medically-managed detoxification protocols, the center’s staff will focus on making each patient as comfortable as possible as they begin their journey toward a life of sobriety.

According to the detox center’s officials, medications are frequently required since the withdrawals that can occur while stopping the use of certain substances are severe, if not lethal.

Ten individual rooms and three double-occupancy rooms will be available at the Freedom Detox Center for up to 16 patients. Patients might stay at the clinic for a few days or several weeks as they go through the detoxification procedure. The bulk of patients, however, are anticipated to stay and detox at the facility for five to seven days, according to center spokespeople.

Scholarships by the Drug Detox Center in Gastonia, North Carolina

As a member of the Legacy Freedom Treatment Clinic’s healthcare network, the private drug detox center will provide scholarships and other mental health therapies in addition to its comprehensive substance use disorder treatment programs.

Raleigh, Charlotte, and Ashville, North Carolina, are the three locations of the Legacy Freedom Treatment Center currently in operation, as well as Columbus, Ohio. A wide range of alternative and holistic therapies, as well as one-on-one and group therapy, are available at each of the clinics.

As the Freedom Detox Center’s representatives pointed out, the road to opening the new drug detox center was not a straightforward one but rather a lengthy one that lasted for around five years. In addition to being lengthy and expensive, the procedure was also time-consuming and expensive, they said, adding that their charges were mostly related to the paperwork required by the local authorities.

However, they emphasized that North Carolina needed a privately-owned drug detox facility.

About 4,200 persons have gotten federally-funded outpatient opioid addiction treatment services in North Carolina since May 2017, while more than 2,000 have undergone medication-assisted therapy.

The treatments provided by the new drug detox facility are anticipated to be reimbursed by the majority of major U.S. health insurers, and private contributions will also be accepted.

There is no upper age limit for admission into the program, as long as the client can pay for the treatments they require and is willing to undergo a drug detox.

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