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Build a Recovery Community & Profitable Business: 
Massachusetts Needs More Sober Houses

Addiction recovery is a $35 billion industry and the demand for recovery services currently exceeds the supply. Simply put, there aren’t enough sober houses for people who need them. There is a desperate need for more leaders to help people recover from this epidemic by running sober houses.


How big is the problem?  It’s big. American life expectancy has dropped for the last 3 years due to drug overdoses. When was the last time life expectancy dropped this much? The first World War.  Yes, the war on drugs currently has more casualties than World War I.  There is an urgent need to help in the battle.  However, most well-meaning people who start a sober home are out of business in 3 years.

How is this possible? Simple:  Because they don’t know how to run a business. Founding a sober house is running a business, and running this complex business is challenging and requires expertise.

Why is it so hard? For starters, it’s expensive & it’s complicated. Many well meaning people, looking to be part of a financially lucrative fast growing industry that helps the community, can lose enthusiasm quickly.

  1. You have to buy, renovate, and furnish a sober house.

  2. Most successful homes are certified and may hold other licenses, certifications, and approvals.

  3. You need effective house management, as well as business management talent.   

Why do they tucker out? It takes months of time and dedication to learn the business and navigate the regulations. And then it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a home and make it recovery ready.

The Vanderburgh House Solution

Vanderburgh House is a financially successful chain of recovery homes in Massachusetts. We want to help meet the current demand by making it easier for people to enter the industry. Imagine being interested in operating a profitable recovery home and Vanderburgh House purchased the home for you. Imagine if Vanderburgh House solved administrative problems for you. Imagine if Vanderburgh House trained you to be a successful professional in the business.

Vanderburgh House removes your 3 main obstacles to success: money to buy, renovate, and furnish the home

Administrative platform (certification, documents, business plan), and professional experience.

We are seeking passionate individuals who want to be financially successful while helping others recover by operating recovery homes. Our ideal candidate would be interested in founding and operating a sober house with Vanderburgh’s financial and operational support. Our ideal candidate will have long time sobriety or a compelling reason to be interested in helping, and wants to be a business owner with the pride, the responsibility and the financial goals of business owners.

You will be the founder and manager of the home(s).

You will be a Vanderburgh House partner.

You will earn the revenues generated from your home.

We will purchase the home for you.

We will provide you with the administrative platform to be successful.

We will provide you ongoing support.


The Vanderburg House Solution Offers

Real Estate:

  • We will search with you for a suitable property for sale, purchase that property for you as well as renovate and furnish the home for you.

  • Then we will rent the home back to you on a long-term lease basis with an option to purchase.

  • We give you an easy pathway to purchasing the home with the future profits the home generates. 

  • You will be provided with a turn-key, renovated, furnished, and certification-ready home - at no upfront cost to you.  

  • You simply make the monthly rental payments including 1st month, last month and security.

  • This is 3 months rent you invest on Day 1.


Administrative Platform: 

  • Vanderburgh will give you the back-office support you need.  From insurance, legal, accounting, human resources, MASH certification, and marketing (web, social, print, and overall brand).

  •  Vanderburgh gives you everything you need to be successful. 

  • Vanderburgh has spent years developing a system for how to run a successful home and we will offer you these proven methods, practices, procedures, policies, templates…..everything needed to run a successful home. 

  • Vanderburgh offers you the tools and training necessary to get up and running in a few short months with 24-hour ongoing support. 

  • Vanderburgh also offers on-site training and an invitation for you and affiliates to stay with us for training in a model home in Worcester.


Your Responsibilities as an Operator 

Our goal is to equip you with the training and tools needed to allow you to focus on the recovery environment while we focus on the administration. You will make an initial financial investment in setup costs, training costs and lease payments which are several hundred thousand dollars less than purchasing and renovating a home on your own. The home will be yours and you will be responsible for the overall home management, including resident relations, coaching your House Managers, community outreach, rent collection, and general oversight. Vanderburgh handles the rest so you can focus on building your recovery community.


What does all this cost to get started and what do you expect of me?

You should have significant time in recovery. If you are not in recovery, a compelling reason why this opportunity is important to you.

  1. You should have some organizational leadership experience or a strong desire to learn quickly and take the advice of seasoned professionals.

  2. Be financially prepared to make the initial investment

    • Lease payments on the home you choose can range from $2,000 to $5,000 per month depending on the type, size and location of house you want. First month, last month, and security deposit totals $6,000 to $15,000.

    • Professional training fee to Vanderburgh House - rate set on location, ranging from $10,000 to $40,000

    • Formation and startup capital $5,000 for each home

    • Total Investment:  $21,000 - $60,000

That’s A Lot!  Why such a big investment range?

Yes, it’s expensive.  And buying a home for $150,000 to $600,000 is even more expensive.

  • We can’t make it cheap but we can make it much more manageable than doing it on your own.

  • Vanderburgh House wants to be clear:  

    • This is an investment.  

    • This is expensive.  

    • This requires responsible people willing and able to make a commitment and work to make their future financially successful while helping others.

Some Good News

  • Don’t let financial constraints constrain you.
  • These initial investments can often be financed.

  • If you feel this opportunity is right for you and the initial investment is an obstacle please speak with us….we may be able to help.

For more information, please contact our Executive Director at