Addiction Recovery Resources in Brighton, Massachusetts

Addiction Recovery Resources in Brighton, Massachusetts

Addiction Recovery Resources in Brighton, Massachusetts 

The City of Brighton, Massachusetts offers a strong and growing community supporting men and women in recovery from addiction. Recovering alcoholics and drug addicts have access to a strong recovery support network and a comprehensive collaboration of organizations in the continuum of care, beyond sober living homes. The city itself is home to many organizations serving those in recovery, which we work hard to organize and provide as resources to sober living residents in Brighton.

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🏘️ Sober Living in Brighton, Massachusetts

Brighton, Massachusetts is home to many sober houses for men. Vanderburgh House operates sober homes in the City of Brighton and elsewhere in New England. We encourage all interested applicants to view homes and reach out with any questions. Sober living is relied upon by countless men in recovery to support and encourage their steps toward independent living.


🏠 New Life Sober House | Sober Living for Men in Brighton, Massachusetts

Welcome home to our New Life Sober House in Brighton, Massachusetts serving men in recovery. This structured and MASH Certified sober house serves men who are serious about their recovery and wish to live in a structured sober living environment as the next step in their recovery journey. This cozy sober living home provides access to all types of recovery resources in Brighton, MA. We invite guests from all walks of life to join this strong recovery community.

New Life Sober House is a men’s sober living community, based in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts. These men live together in addiction recovery and are dedicated to building a better life free from drugs and alcohol. Led by an experienced House Mentor, guests of this sober living community enjoy group activities, recovery coaching, and the independence to build a new and exciting life.


 Recovery Community in Brighton, MA

Brighton’s community is supportive and encouraging to those in recovery. Brighton’s care providers are educated and empathetic toward recovering addicts. The opioid epidemic has had a devastating effect on our city, and everyone offering care and resources to those in recovery understands we must work together to win our war against drugs and alcohol and the damage they cause.

Brighton’s community leaders have a longstanding commitment to working together in service of those in recovery. 


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Meetings in Brighton, Massachusetts

There are several convenient fellowship meetings in Brighton, including AA and NA, Al-Anon, and others.

AA in Brighton, MA

Unity Service Recovery – AA

Find AA Meetings Near New Hampshire, Brighton

There are several Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Brighton. We encourage you to visit AA’s directory of Brighton AA Meetings for an up-to-date list of meeting locations, times, and additional details.

NA in Brighton, MA

 NA in Brighton, Massachusetts


🏥 Clinical Addiction Treatment in Brighton

Brighton’s clinical recovery support organizations include detox and rehab facilities, clinical stabilization, transitional support, recovery coaching, and other organizations serving men in recovery. In addition to serving those struggling with addiction, many of these organizations focus on encouragement and support for the friends and family members of those in recovery.


🧑‍⚕️Mental Health care in Brighton, Massachusetts



Address: 1867 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, MA 02135

Phone: +1 617-787-0001



BrightView Brighton Addiction Treatment Center

Address: 71 Washington St., Brighton, MA 02135

Phone: +1 888-501-9865

Website: N/A


Column Health

Address: 71 Washington St, Brighton, MA 02135

Phone: +1 339-368-7696



Brighton Allston Mental Health Association

Address: 77 Warren St, Brighton, MA 02135

Phone: +1 617-787-1901



Zafar Naqvi, MD

Address: 736 Cambridge St, Brighton, MA 02135

Phone: +1 617-789-2102



Tom Jackson

Address: 26 Shanley St, Brighton, MA 02135

Phone: +1 617 254 0791

Website: N/A


💊 Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)


Addiction Treatment Center of New England

Address: 77 Warren St, Brighton, MA 02135

Phone: +1 617-254-1271



Column Health

Address: 71 Washington St, Brighton, MA 02135

Phone: +1 339-368-7696



🏢 Other Recovery Support Agencies


🤝🏻 Peer Recovery Support Centers



🏬 Other Organizations



💲 Financial Assistance 

Sober-living guests in Brighton can access many financial and social assistance programs offered through the City of Brighton. Catholic Charities can help with rent as well.


🛏️ Housing Assistance in Brighton, Massachusetts


Boston Housing Authority

Address: 266 N Beacon St # 52, Brighton, MA 02135, United States

Phone+1 617-988-4000



Brookline Housing Authority

Address: 90 Longwood Ave #1, Brookline, MA 02446, United States

Phone+1 617-277-2022

Website: https: //


Allston Brighton CDC

Address:18R Shepard St Suite 100, Boston, MA 02135, United States

Phone:+1 617-787-3874


🍔 Food Assistance in Brighton, Massachusetts


Allston – Brighton Food Pantry – Food Distribution Center

Address: 404 Washington St, Brighton, MA 02135, United States

Phone: +1 617-254-4046


ABCD Allston-Brighton Neighborhood Opportunity Center

Address:640 Washington St UNIT 203, Brighton, MA 02135, United States

Phone:+1 617-903-3640

Website: N/A

Allston-Brighton APAC Food Pantry

Address406 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02134, United States
Phone+1 617-783-1485

Brookline Food Pantry

Address210 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446, United States

Phone+1 617-800-5339
Website: N/A

👔 Clothing Assistance



➕ Other Agencies in New Britain



💼Workforce & Career


The Panther Group

Address: Summer Exchange Building, 101 Arch St, Boston, MA 02110, United States
Phone+1 617-248-0780
Website: N/A

Goddard House Assisted Living

Address165 Chestnut St, Brookline, MA 02445, United States

Phone+1 617-731-8500
Website: N/A


Cambridge Employment Program

Address51 Inman St, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States

Phone+1 617-349-6200



MassHire Boston Career Center

Address1010 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02119, United States

Phone+1 617-541-1400


MassHire Metro North Career Center – Cambridge

Address186 Alewife Brook Pkwy #310, Cambridge, MA 02138, United States

Phone+1 617-661-7867


⚖️ Legal Services


Ward & Associates, Counselors at Law, PC

KZ Law Offices

Address: 358 Chestnut Hill Ave, Brighton, MA 02135
Phone: +1 781-343-1606

David S Bograd Law Offices

Russell Defense Firm

🔗 Other Services



👨‍⚕️ Medical Services in Brighton


St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center

Brighton Marine Health Center

Charles River Community Health

Website: N/A

St. Elizabeth’s Healthcare

Spaulding Outpatient Center Brighton


🚑 Emergency Services in Brighton

More information coming soon!


📋 Health Insurance in Brighton

More information coming soon!


🦷 Dental Care in Brighton, Massachusetts

More Information coming soon!


Brighton Dental Associates


Chestnut Hill Dental Associates

Website: N/A

Mayani Dental Brighton

Brighton Family Dental Group

🏞️ Recreation & Attractions

Visit our Vanderburgh House website for more information on our sober living homes in Brighton, Massachusetts :

New Life Sober House | Sober Living for Men in Brighton, Massachusetts

For more information about our homes across New England and North Carolina, visit out the Sober House Directory website.

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